Director and Teacher

Erin Gautsche

Erin has been a student of yoga for over 20 years and completed training in traditional Hatha Yoga at Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India in 2013. Her teaching style focuses on grounding breath, intentional movement, and flow rooted in the Ashtanga tradition. She has taught Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga at gyms and studios throughout the city. Passionate about urban green spaces and accessible yoga for all bodies, Erin has directed Yoga on the Banks since 2014.



Ji Sun Chong

Ji Sun's first experience with Yoga helped her feel both invigorated and calm. She values how yoga philosophy reminds her to be non-harming, truthful and compassionate. Ji Sun offers her joy of movement with playful pose sequences and loves how yoga breathwork clarifies acceptance and balance. Ji Sun teaches with a deep appreciation for all those who have shared with her the importance of being present in stillness and celebrating power in action.



Lora Reehling

Lora's feel-good vinyasa flow classes are fluid and free, yet thoughtfully designed with smooth transitions, and intuitive play. Lora's positive energy welcomes everyone in this communal practice to breathe, connect, and move together. Her discovery and love of yoga began in 2010, during a transformative time in her life. In 2019 she received her Yoga Teacher Training certification through Liquid Flow Yoga with Philly natives, Simon Park & Noelle Connolly. In 2020, she finally found herself called to teach and share yoga as a healing practice to others. Lora loves sunny days in nature, bright colors, swimming, biking, dancing, skating and traveling. She is a creative, extroverted empath, always seeking to learn and evolve.




Heather Masse

Heather Masse has combined her love for movement and community by offering virtual and in-person paid and donation based yoga classes through her entity, Phlow & Phloral as well as local studios in Center City. She's earned a 200hr yoga certification focusing on Vinyasa and Power Yoga and has a passion for combining the physical and mental aspects, focusing on breath, presence and core strength. She’s held local pop-up yoga events, bridal party wedding flows and teaches weekly at Thrive Pilates & Yoga. Heather's practiced on The Banks for over 7 years and is humbled to give back to this community.



Elana Stern

An avid runner, fitness enthusiast, and dedicated yogi, Elana teaches yoga locally and privately embraces all levels—from beginner to teacher trainee—meeting you where you are and helping you realize greater wellbeing. Elana has pursued a life-long journey having studied Eastern Philosophy academically; trained with celebrity fitness icons in NYC; received her Vinyasa Teacher and Restorative Yoga Certifications from Wake Up Yoga; and schooled in Tantric Buddhist, Transcendental, and Mindfulness Meditation techniques. Elana’s creative teaching style roots in the body, focuses on breath and presence, and integrates athleticism for a strength-building, grounding, and releasing practice designed to realize your higher self. Learn more at



We’re going outside! Yoga on the Banks is excited to begin our 9th season on the Schuylkill Banks. Join us for class:
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